A year or so ago I got a new stereo player.

It's been unused since then as I was sharing my home office with my children's play space so there was little room to house it. I'd been absolutely dying to get one that could play my CDs, old tapes from when I was growing up and LPs that I was slowly building up as a collection having listened to my dad's more recently.

However, now I've moved into my own office space, this weekend (when I wasn't feeling so hungover from my World Gin Day experience!!) I managed to get up to the attic to bring down my CD collection that had been kept in storage.

It was a fabulous feeling to be able to finally touch the CDs that had memories of my youth and Uni days - and music that I still listen to today. However the most exciting part of this declutter and organise session was the fact I came across some of my old tapes with stories I listened to when I was really young. The exciting bit was that my son, who’s 4, sat and listened to those stories whilst I was sorting through which CDs to keep and which to let go of. It really took me back to a time when I was a little girl, sitting and listening whilst my mum pottered about doing things.

I only let go of a few CDs that I’d never really listened to or liked.

I know you can download and listen to music by streaming it but I like to be able to touch the CDs. To remember the memory of where I picked it up or what I was doing in my life when I first listened to it.

There are some things that can easily be given or thrown away and some things that can’t.

When you’re deciding what to keep and what to let go of – think of how it makes you feel to have that item in your life. What’s its history? Can that lovely warm feeling still be had just from a memory if you don’t have it physically in your hands?

If it makes you feel good and you have somewhere you can keep it then do so.

If you don’t have the space for everything then perhaps keep the best items and let the rest go. You can always take a picture of them first and put them into an album of your memories.

What music are you hanging onto and why? I’d love to know.

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