Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

Decluttering has real benefits to the mind and can quite often cause a feeling of panic to those who are struggling to know how or where to start.

This week is #MentalHealthAwareness week and so I thought it was worth explaining the benefits that decluttering (in particular) has to mental health... here's just a few ways in which it can help.*

- Helps to relieve the stress levels caused in the build up of clutter

- Allows freedom of thought once an area has been decluttered

- Helps to allows deeper sleep due to less busy minds

- Helps provide calm and tranquility to a space and therefore, mind.

If you have a tendency to panic when you look at a space that needs to be decluttered I have a couple of tips for you:

- Don't look at the whole picture - it can make you panic and then never even start the job.

- Do focus on a small and manageable area to start.

- Do get someone to help you with it - unless it's a really small area (like a drawer), quite often half way through you'll need someone to help keep you going.

- Do set aside a reasonable amount of time for larger areas.

- Remember it will always look worse before it looks better

- Remember the benefits as to why you're doing this.

- You've got this!

If, after all of the above, you feel you still need some help, I offer a number of options that can work for you, just get in touch to chat more. Hope you're all having a great week so far!

*please note this is not a guarantee, just observations and known facts about possible benefits of decluttering spaces.

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