Your Home,
Your Office,
Your Life
Your Home,
Your Office,
Your Life
Your Home,
Your Office,
Your Life

Welcome to Sorted!
Decluttering & Organising in Cheshire
& Greater Manchester

I am Siân Pelleschi, the owner of Sorted! and current President of APDO - the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. With Sorted! I aim to take away the stress and hassle that everyday life can sometimes bring, both in your home and working environment.

When you’re busy focusing on important clients, your kids or home improvements (to name a few), paperwork, filing and general things around you can easily get into disarray and build up into piles.

Sometimes you need someone to come in and, without judgement, assess the situation and tell you where to start or even better, help do the job of organising the chaos.

Struggling and wanting to declutter or in need of help organising an area of your home or office, contact me today and we can start the ball rolling.

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  • Rachel Astley
    "Sian came in just before Christmas to get the 'play room' aka as the dumping ground in to a more orderly fashion that can be used by my kids as they transition into teenagedom. The funny thing was that just knowing Sian was arriving spurred us into action of getting rid of some clutter. However, Sian made the process very quick and simple with her sensible ideas of 'everything has a place' and a feeling of lightness descended once she had worked her Sorting Magic! Thanks again Sian, you really helped make a difference."
    Rachel Astley
  • Olivia Anaconda
    "This was absolutely the BEST Christmas present I've ever had! My clothes and wardrobe situation have been in total chaos since I moved into my flat a year ago! Sian calmly went through every item in the wardrobe, on the shelves, hidden under the bed and packed away and helped me categorise, organise and re-arrange my room. It was a great opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff too and I feel so much better for it! Thank you!"
    Olivia Anaconda
  • Lynsey Baird
    "I moved house a few weeks ago and downsized massively. I was so fed up of trying to organise everything into a smaller house that by the time I got to my bedroom I gave up. Sian to the rescue, she came 3 days later and the difference she made in 4 hours was remarkable!! Even my mum who is the most organised person in the world was shocked when she saw the before and after pics and heard how much it cost me. Well worth every penny and an absolute bargain for what she does!"
    Lynsey Baird
  • Kate Hughes
    "Sian has been working her magic helping today. What a day. I have been trying to sort out my studio for years but never succeeded. For my business I do make a range of very different things and run Art courses so I have lots of different equipment and lots of different materials. What Sian has accomplished in one day is incredible. She has totally rearranged and organised the room. Everything has a home now, I have a workspace and a space to display my examples. All my materials and equipment are now organised into specific areas. It is now a space that I can take customers in and a space that I will enjoy working in. On top of all this Sian has had to work even harder because I am nearly 8 months pregnant so she had had to do all the hard work!! Sian has been so patient with me and calm and not at all judgmental."
    Kate Hughes
  • Steph Tasker
    "I contacted Siân at Sorted to ask her to sort my house from top to bottom. She’s done a fabulous job. She brought with her loads of packaging items to use along the way. Everything now has a home, it’s all in order and all in a logical location !! Whereas before it was all chaos !! Siân has done an awesome job and has made my life a lot easier !! Thank you. I highly recommend Siân. She’s very professional, friendly, helpful, logical and proactive. She works extremely hard to put things in order and she’s done a fabulous job."
    Steph Tasker
  • Karen Bellamy
    "Sian is amazing, my youngest son's bedroom was just a mess after Christmas with excess toys and his wardrobe full of clothes he'd outgrown, In 4 hours Sian transformed the room! Her eye for details is amazing, he now has floor space and she created a den under his bed having got rid of lots of rubbish. His room looks so much better , it was all so easy, she arrives, you chat and then a few hours later you have a transformed room, highly recommended!"
    Karen Bellamy
  • Viki Teg
    "Sian did amazing job getting my work filing in order. Could I have done it myself? Yes. Had I done it myself? No. Did it take Sian a quarter of the time it would have taken me due to lack of procrastination, distractions and internal debate? At least. Did it feel like a huge weight off my shoulders. Absolutely!"
    Viki Teg

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